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You can see a small 2mb film made up from the pictures below by clicking here - 'Right click and save target as....' etc etc

New 'Out of a Box Designs' car. launched in London.

Seems that Caterham may have used the occasion to launch its new CSR...

This section details the development stages and build of this unique prototype, followed by its extensive testing and destruction on the next page.

Our kit has been developed to be flat-packed, and easily stored. It is delivered in strong cardboard boxes, to avoid any damage.

Here you can see early ergonomic testing. You can also see our special assistant Barney. He is covering the Motorsport Material in a specially developed resin -'Dribble®' - which helps to protect the surface.

Mark stands in our pit and works on the rear bulkhead. Either that or he may be 'legless' which is quite possible during this build project!

Mark demonstrating the extreme lightness of our concept, as well as the longitudinal structural strength of the chassis.

Another early test fitting of some pre-prepared body panels.

Barney carries on his sterling work with 'Dribble®' - a task he never tired of. He was rewarded by being allowed to eat as much of the Motorsport Material as he liked.

Engine-bay components are fitted early to check fit. At the front of the chassis you can see the engine block materials being prepared.

In this shot you can see me preparing the head. This technique is used to make a 'short block' engine!

Engine work well under way - the bellhousing has been fitted.

First fitting of the engine in to the chassis.

This shot shows the interior development. The central tunnel has been constructed. You can also see the special lightweight Motorsport Material seats again.

Scuttle detail showing the extraordinary workmanship that goes in to making one of our cars.

Trial fitting of safety equipment (roll bar) and weather equipment, including rare half doors.

The need for secrecy was paramount in this project. Half way through the process, a visitor to Mark's garage meant we had to disguise the prototype.

You would never guess that a revolutionary new prototype was hidden under this car cover...well, the visitor didn't anyway!

Some more mild fettling to the bodywork.

Barney taking a break from his 'Dribble®' work.

Tessa lends a helping hand in the construction.

Rear wings on, dashboard in, and aeroscreen fitted.

By this stage the bonnet had also been constructed, and another test drive was needed!

Trail fitting of wheels showed that this beast would look fantastic once completed!

Early attempts at the nose cone were not very successful. We had hoped to include a crash structure within the nose cone, but felt that this might have been a little excessive.

Our second attempt was much more refined.

Though the grill was obviously going to have to be trimmed slightly.

The finished grill was much more successful than early attempts.

Main bodywork for the kit is now complete, and the smooth aerodynamic shape becomes more and more apparent.

We think our front suspension system is even more minimalistic than any new offering from the likes of Caterham or freestyle.

Another wheel fitting, and the radiator is in! Ride height has yet to be set.

Tessa and Kate come to marvel at the prototype. At this stage someone was heard to mutter "Angus you really need to get a job...."

At this point Barney very kindly offered to act as a crash test dummy in order to test the pedestrian safety of our car. Don't worry - he got his revenge later on.....

What a fantastic view!

Further fitting of the FIA roll bar.

Although you can clearly see the historical link, it is obvious that our car has taken the 7 concept and progressed it beyond what was thought possible.

Spy shots that had been released to the public before the car was launched. The car was revealed at a prestigious car launch in London - round about the same time as the new Caterham CSR range was launched, funnily enough!

Spy shot or recent road tests - heavily disguised obviously.
We believe Caterham are using similar materials for their new car....
...enhanced image shows remarkable similarities to our composite material!