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I have finally started to convert our hours of on-board footage, mainly taken with our Bullet Camera, into short clips of video. I have tried to group the clips into sections, and most are around 2 mb, so you should be able to download them pretty quickly. Some will obviously be much larger - I hope to put up on-board laps of each track we have driven, including a 'Ring Lap.

This year the L7Club Handling day was at Dusfold Aerodrome, where BBC's Top Gear is filmed. We had a slalom, a 0-60 run and a 'freestyle' area to play on. We also got to do some 'warm' laps around the Top Gear track, following a pace car. HUGE fun, we got some good clips, including Tessa's first ever donut attempt (perfect) and a rather unfortunate high speed meeting of bullet cam and cone - enjoy!!
Tessa's 1st EVER donutsClip Size - 2mb
My 1st EVER Reverse flicksClip Size - 3mb
Bullet Cam BANG!!Clip Size - 3mb

Obviously once we had fitted our 'new' LSD it
was important to test it and make sure it worked properly. Testing was carried out on private, non-residential property! A group of friends from Belgium were my passengers for this extensive process! Conclusion - the LSD worked!!
First Ever Donut                                                       Clip Size -2mb
A few moreClip Size -2mb
Just to make sure!Clip Size -3mb

The Bullet Cam is so small and light it has opened up all sorts of possibilities for interesting camera angles. These are a few examples of things I have tried - in this case during the LSD testing sessions! I would love to persuade a Track Day Official to let me do a lap or two with a 6ft aluminum pole sticking out of the car with a bullet cam on the end....
Funny Angle 1         Clip Size - 2mb
Funny Angle 2Clip Size - 1.5mb
Funny Angle 3Clip Size - 2mb

Two clips showing Mark having way too much fun at an MSE Track Day, at Hullavington. Airfield days are an ideal place to learn about your car in a safe environment, with no tyre walls or Armco to hit. Just watch out for those cones!!
Mark1        Clip Size - 2mb
Mark2  Clip Size - 2.5mb

Right - this is how NOT to do it. I am ashamed to say it is me, driving Marks car at Keevil. One of only two cars on track, I span. No problem, it was damp, I was hooning, it happens. The Black Flag was for the way I re-joined the track. I thought the track was empty, and did not look before pulling back onto the track. Watch very closely and you can see how close I came to taking out the car I had overtaken earlier. Entirely my fault - lesson learnt... LOOK!
Black Flag             Clip Size - 3.5mb

I shall try and create video's of a lap from every track we have filmed at. These clips are likely to be much larger than most, and this section will grow as we do more, and as I process them. I do not claim that these clips show correct lines, perfect apex clipping etc etc, but they will give you a guide of what some of the tracks look like.
Le Mans Bugatti Spin           Clip Size - 2mb
Lap of Spa - Seven Mania QualifyingClip Size - 13.2mb

Double speed laps - this means I can make the files smaller and show a complete lap. Still looks cool, but best of all the sound is FANTASTIC! Like a mini F1 car!

Double Speed Crois Lap                       Clip size - 2mb
Double Speed Warm up lap at Spa during the Seven mania Race weekend Clip size - 12.3mb

This section shows some of the disciplines covered by an MSE Academy Day, detailed elsewhere on this site. Huge fun - highly recommended!

Best 'event' of the day - learning about 'Lift-off & Power Oversteer' - so popular MSE are running a special Drift Day covering only this - we will be there. Great fun because there is no where else where you can safely practice this. Here we see my best effort, and one where I was a little 'aggressive'! Please note - this is PRE-LSD!!
Lift-off Oversteer            Clip Size - 1.8mb
Lift-off oversteer & spin!Clip Size - 1.8mb

An exercise designed to learn about how your car behaves under emergency braking conditions, in a corner. This involved driving flat out towards a cone gate, then (and only then) braking to a stop as quickly as possible while navigating the marked out corner. Learn about cadence braking, and how you car behaves in this real-world situation. You can see a progression in these clips - the first being early on, the second clip near the end when I was putting into practice what I had learnt.
Brake Test 1           Clip Size - 0.9mb
Brake Test 2Clip Size - 0.9mb

There were two slalom type exercises on the Academy Day. The first involves a long line of cones, with gaps getting progressively smaller (or larger depending on which run you are on) between the cones at on end. Teaches importance of smoothness and rhythm. The second type involved driving between gates on a small course. An exercise in not getting lost more than anything else!!
MSE Slalom 1          Clip Size - 1.8mb
MSE Slalom 2Clip Size - 1.9mb

Ah - the 7 Club Brooklands 'Handling' Days. HUGE fun playing the hooligans round cones and on a 0-60 run. All about bald tyres and fun rather then perfect line and times. Relaxed atmosphere and surprisingly tiring after a whole day of wheel twirling. This year we are about to try a new venue at Dunsfold, where they film BBC's Top Gear. Looking forward to this as I will have my LSD fitted, which I did not when these films were made.
0-60ish        Clip Size - 1.8mb
SlalomClip Size - 2.8mb
Slalom 2Clip Size - 2mb

The ever popular 'freestyle' arena - or a donut area! these tyres would be removed and changed on-site at the end of the day, so it was important to get maximum use out of them. Adil is choking. You can tell the condition of the tyres and how little grip they gave (they were 10 year old A008's fitted to some old wheels we had just purchased as track spares) by listening to how few revs were required to break traction! May make you feel ill!
Smoking 1             Clip Size - 2mb
Smoking 2Clip Size - 0.9mb

For those things not covered above!

Porsche GT - filmed while we were
biking around the Nurburgring in 2003.
Amazing V10 sound echoing through
the trees on an autumn evening!

Clip size - 2mb
Renault F1 Start - practice start from
the pitlane at Silverstone testing
session - 2004 A really terrible noise
it has to said!

Clip size - 1mb
Spitfire & Lancaster - some short clips
filmed on a digi camera, so the picture
is not brilliant, but the glorious sound
comes out just fine! Filmed at
Donnington - 2003

Clip size - 1mb
Jordon Drift - around Copse corner at
the Silverstone test. Everything was
rails but the Jordon cars were all over
the place - bravest drivers out there!

Clip size - 2mb
Touring Car shunt - Aaron Slight loses
his Astra right in front of me at the
start of a Donnington Touring Car race
in 2002. Amazingly the car was in the next
race a few hours later!

Clip size - 1.3mb